I am honestly SO sad to hear this news about Robin Williams….he was one of my fondest childhood memories. Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook were my brother and I’s favorite movies to watch as a kid. I mean ABSOLUTE favorite. I can still watch them to this day and remember how happy we were watching as kids, and they still make me feel that childlike happiness every time I watch them now. He had such a magical radiance and infectious smile about him and brought laughter and joy to so many people. This news makes my heart soooooo sad….I wish I could’ve told him thank you for making my childhood so very special. Ahhhh. #RIPRobinWilliams . Such a sad loss. You will be very missed by so many…


Printed Romper.

Hi lovely friends :) I kind of just woke up. It feels amazing to sleep in after such a crazy, awesome week. Here’s a little recap in case you missed it…. I turned 21 in Vegas, our new single BO$$ came out and debuted in the top 10, our music video for BO$$ was #1 on iTunes, we had a listening party for some of the songs on our new album , did tons of fun press, and performed BO$$ for the very first time on the Today Show. It was one of the best weeks ever. Super exciting! Thank you to each lovely individual who has supported us in one way or another. Seriously. We have gone through so much in the past 2 years and to be in the place that we are in currently is pretty incredible. Every media outlet, every music lover, every family member, and every phenomenal Harmonizer who has showed us more love than we can even fathom, thank you. Let’s keep the BO$$ movement soaring!

My 21st Birthday Experience

Words can’t express how magical my birthday was. Turning 21 in Vegas was pretty dang spectacular. I am so grateful to have celebrated it with some of the most phenomenal people in the world. So blessed to have the best family and friends. Had some of the best food I’ve ever tasted at Chef Ramsey’s Burgr. Saw a jaw dropping MJ Cirque show. Celebrated our single debuting in the top 10. Partied at one of the coolest hotels (Planet Hollywood). I was able to win money at my first few tries at the slot machines and blackjack. Had the BEST PARTY EVER at the pool today!!! Laughed and smiled my behind off. And got to feel on top of the world at High Roller. I had the most fun I think I have ever had in my life. I’m not even doing it justice right now. It was a billion times more awesome than it sounds. I expected it to be an amazing trip, but not THAT amazing. Seriously just so thankful to have had the best time. Gonna carry these memories with me for the rest of my life. Thanks to God for blessing me with the opportunity to have had the 21st that I did. And for blessing me with the best people. I mean it. Thanks to everyone who made this weekend so crazily sensational and unforgettable. I love you all.

Feeling Beautiful

It really amazes me and brings me SO much peace and joy to know that God loves me unconditionally and He sees me as beautiful just the way I am. I am not defined by my body, my height, nor my weight….anything really….I don’t have to fit a certain mold that society has sometimes made me feel like I have to fit. He looks at me as pure beauty. I don’t feel insecure with Him. The world can sometimes make me insecure….but knowing that I have a God who sees me in a pure light….sees me in the way I desire to be seen…makes me feel so good and happy about myself.
I encourage you to feel the same way. If GOD (the one who created us, the earth, the moon and the stars) can see us this way, why don’t we see ourselves the same way?

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Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.  See more of my landscape photography at dezignhorizon.com


Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.  See more of my landscape photography at dezignhorizon.com

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